Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Prefab Checker for Unity


Prefab Checker for Unity


This editor extension simply shows whether or not  the prefab instances in Hierarchy Window are identical to the original 'Prefab' in terms of a property or component.  If one of properties is changed or a component is added/deleted, the check mark beside the prefab instance would change to exclamation mark which means something is different from the original prefab.  That is, it prevents users from changing property values accidentally or forgetting to click apply button to apply changes to the original prefab.  


All you have to do is to import the asset.

How to use

Click 'Window' on the top menu bar, and click 'PrefabChecker'.  
In the popup window, click 'show' button to show prefab instance status in Hierarchy Window.
To hide the status, click 'hide' or close the popup window.

Demo Images









A model prefab instance is not applicable. Only user prefab instance is applicable.


  1. Great plugin, something I have wanted for a very long time! However after buying it found two issues.

    1) It crashes on Missing Monobehaviors, kind of nice to find these in my project and remove them, but it crashes in a bad way that makes the editor go into spamming errors on ori.GetType().FullName and unusable (had to close and re-open).

    2) And this is the deal breaker: Unfortunately it does not check inactive objects, for example if you have a few children disabled inside a prefab the differences in those objects will not be checked. This is huge for our project as many of our prefabs have inactive parts to them.

    If you fix #2 you'll be my Unity hero for the month (lat least), I will certainly buy 10 more licenses for our team!


    1. Version 2.0 is available now. You can check this out. Two issues that you mentioned are solved. If you have any problem or comment, plz let me know anytime. Thank you.

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  3. hello :)
    I just purchased Prefab Checker for Unity at Unity Asset Store.
    however It seems like not working on Unity 5. or did I miss something, I dunno :(
    your asset looks so useful to my project.
    please fix this problem.

    best regards.

  4. Hello. I'm a game developer in asia. I can't speak English well. Sorry.
    First of all, I Thanks a lot for making 'Prefab Checker'. It's the wonderful asset. I love it so much.
    But, it seemed that I found a bug probably.
    Please check this, and if it's a bug really, please fix it.
    This is the code that I fixed. (If you want to send me an e-mail, you can do that. My e-mail is 'nice102@nexon.co.kr')
    //Should be same both target of PropertyModification and instance
    if (false == modi.propertyPath.Contains("m_Name"))
    if (targetObj.name != go.name)
    else if (modi.value != go.name)

    1. Sorry. I don't know how to change my name in English. My name is 'Jeong Il Yeong' in English.

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  6. hello, will you be updating this for Unity 5?